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Get to the top!

KPMG csucsfutas-2

You can hike to the highest point of Hungary, but if you want real challenge, then you run! You think you can do it? Then put yourself to the test on the 19th KPMG Kékes Summit Running.

Runners on the challenging sports event run from Mátrafüred to the Kékes: the distance is 11.6 kilometres. It is in fact simple. Though there is a partial time limit (1 hours 12 minutes at 8 km), but you only need to make the first step to be a member of the kilometres long running serpent to touch the top of the country at the end!

KPMG csucsfutas-1Do not let the mountain scare you – albeit slowly, but everybody will get to the top sooner or later. Last year, the 80 years old Marika Sztarenszky did also beat the challenge by overcoming the 671 meters height difference, so did children of 8 and 9 years.

Making any excuses is therefore hard, since they could do it as well...

KPMG csucsfutas-4

The route goes from the start at 343 meters on meandering serpentine roads in the dense Matra woods and through Sástó to Mátraháza and then further to Kékestető. The real specialty of the event is that everybody can touch the red-white-green rock symbolising the 1,014 metres high peak point of Hungary after reaching the goal. Of course only after overcoming the 671 meters height difference!

KPMG csucsfutas-3

Nothing can hold you back from seizing the summit after such a teaser, right?

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