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You need a team!

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You can do a lot of things on your own, you can run, sleep, eat on your own, but it is impossible to enter a relay competition! So, you need a team!

All the runners need to do is to line up at the start with all their high spirits, determination, togetherness and endurance on the 23rd K&H Move! relay marathon and semi-marathon on June 12th, and to do the 21.097 or 42.195 km distance—but not alone, but in a team.

maratonvalto-4If the endurance is enough for a small distance only, then there is the mini relay marathon where the team needs to do 3x2,016 metres.

Let’s make teams! Register yourself and two or five other persons and you are in the fun! Because the team can prepare together – it is also fun. Or it can rest together after training – it is also fun. And can eventually line up at the start on the day of the event – that is the greatest fun!

Organisers remembered those whom the distance of the relay running is not a real challenge, or who cannot find anybody to run with—they can do the semi-marathon on their own.

Location: Budapest, 56-osok tere.


  • 6 person relay marathon: 6 x 7 km
  • 3 person relay semi-marathon: 3 x 7 km
  • 3 person relay mini-marathon: 3 x 2.016 m
  • individual semi-marathon: 21.0975 km


This is an excellent opportunity for company colleagues to pull together and to strengthen the team spirit because their registrations are also expected in the “Running Company” programme. In addition, the METROPOL Media Championship also takes place with a semi-marathon distance.

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