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BURGER KING ® Brutal Trail Run 5.0

BK Brutalfutas 2016

Would you take it?
BURGER KING ® Brutal Trail Run 5.0

Jogging is a quite popular sport in any country of the world. Many do it as a hobby to protect and to maintain their health and fitness, and those who are more determined do it to test their endurance and limits. They do this in rounds on the running pitch or in the nature. But on swampy mudded climbs or in deep sand or jumping over straw bales? Well, only the bravest undertake it.

It is not a conventional running race, but rather a military training ground, a combination of an obstacle-race and a running race. The venue itself is special: it is a real, built motocross course with 14 hills/jumps in Nyíregyháza.

20150620 Brutal 0326

A taste of the course:

  • swampy-muddy and steep climbs and slopes
  • running in deep sand
  • crawling under camouflage net
  • climbing over straw bales
  • crossing water trenches
  • winding maze
  • plowed sections

20150620 Brutal 0177

So, you will get a bit dirty. But does it count if you can prove your endurance, boldness and preparedness? Anybody can register to the race, regardless of age and gender, you do not need to be a mountain runner or trained in crooked survivor camps. It is not a disadvantage however if you like running or you are a regular runner and if you have some boldness in you.
Take it if you dare!

Location: Nyáregyháza, MotoCross Course
Date: June 18th, 2016
Information: and

20150620 Brutal 0155

20150620 Brutal 0350

Richtofit Sport MOB gold sponsor